The Boston Braves F.C. organization is set up in such a way so that it facilitates the decision making process and the distribution of tasks. The Club is run by the President with the assistance of the Steering Committee members. The Steering Committee is an open body which consists of members that participate in its meetings and activities on a non-compensated / volunteer basis.
The Committee elects the President and assigns the titles and tasks to its members.
The Committee members work with the President in handling tasks and making decisions on behalf of the team.

                   The Steering Committee members are:

Spiros Tourkakis - President
Spiros Tourkakis was born in Athens, Greece on January 15th, 1956. In 1978 he moved to the USA to study.  He holds a Bachelor's degree in business from the University of Massachusetts, an MBA from Suffolk University and a Business Diploma from MIT. Spiros got involved in the lobster business in 1981. He is a Partner and Executive Vice-President of East Coast Seafood, Inc. which is the World's Largest Live Lobster Distributor and the 5th largest seafood company in the USA. In January 2003, Spiros was awarded the Leadership Award from North America's Plastics' Industry for his leadership in the innovation and development of reusable equipment which resulted in huge savings in the Seafood Industry. Spiros is playing in the goalkeeper position of the Boston Braves F.C. and resides in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, USA.

llya Freytsis - Vice-President of Operations
Ilya Freytsis was born in Leningrad, former USSR (currently Saint Petersburg, Russia) on September 28th, 1958. He is married with two children. Ilya earned his Master Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Leningrad Maritime Institute in 1982. 
He moved in the United States in 1992 and currently resides in Swampscott, Massachusetts.
Ilya holds the position of Architect-Technologist  at  by the Cetacean Network Inc of New Hampshire.
In the course of last 30 years he has participated in various amateur soccer and hockey leagues in USSR and USA.
In addition,Ilya has been coaching town's youth football (soccer) teams for a number of years.  
IIlya is playing in the midfield positions of the Boston Braves F.C.

John Welch - Director of Public Affairs
John Welch was born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 9, 1951. He is married with a daughter, a married son and 3 grandsons. John received his Degree in Electrical Engineering from Franklin Institute of Boston in 1972.
John is the Manager of Service for LIMBACH Company in Boston a Facility Service provider. LIMBACH is the largest privately held specially HVAC contractor in United States locations.
His football career started in 1993, when John joined a seniors' team in Melrose, Mass.
His managerial skills helped him become the manager of that team shortly thereafter.
John is playing in the midfield positions of the Boston Braves F.C..

Dimitris Savalas - Director of Marketing
Dimitris Savalas was born in Athens, Greece. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the Doxiadis Fine 
Arts School of Athens which is one of the most prestigious schools of its kind in Southeastern Europe. In 1970 Dimitris went to Switzerland for further studies in the also famous Fine School of Art of Lausanne. In 1972 he moved to the US for studies and received an Associate's Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Dimitris' rich career includes the establishment of the Ferrari and Lord Advertising Agency with many notable accounts such as Lowenbrau, Thai Airways, Sharp Corporation and others. A talented arts person by nature, Dimitris owns and runs his own "Savalas Creative" firm handling accounts in the New England area.  He resides in Swampscott, Mass. and coaches in the Youth Soccer ( Football). Dimitris is playing in the midfield positions of the Boston Braves F.C.       

George Markos - Director
George Markos was born in Logganiko, a suburb of Sparta, Greece on December 5, 1953. After serving in the Greek military he moved to the USA in 1975. Upon his arrival in America, George started working as a chef in various restaurants in the Boston area.
In 1981, George and his wife Pauline bought a small restaurant in Salem, Massachusetts named “ Dot and Rays “. Over the years they developed it into a successful business which they run themselves. George’s football career started 25 years ago. He resides in Lynn, Massachusetts, USA and has two sons. He is playing in the defense and midfield positions of the Boston Braves F.C.

Ilya Bystryak - Director
Ilya Bystryak was born in Dushanbe - capital of Tadjikistan (former USSR) on April 17th,
1956. He earned a Master Degree in Physics from Tajik State University and a Ph.D. in Applied
Physics from Moscow State University.
IIn 1994 he moved to the USA where he lives in Swampscott, Mass. Ilya is the Principal Engineer of MKS Instruments, which is one of the biggest Semiconductor Equipment Manufactures in the world. His specialty is in the Designing of Power Electronics for Lasers and Gas Discharge Lamps as well as Plasma Generators. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Laser and Electro optics Society (LEOS). His hobby is music and he is fluent in several languages. Ilya is playing in the defense positions of the Boston Braves F.C..

Ged White - Director - Team Manager
More info to follow for Ged.